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Daylight saving this weekend

Posted 21/9/2017

No, this photo isn’t from Waiheke!  It was taken recently during a heady few days in


Hong Kong.  We found that high rise living is quite different from Waiheke accommodation and thoroughly enjoyed our few days here in transit.  Now we are safely home from our trip to the UK, it’s time to enjoy the spring and look forward to the summer ahead. 

Waiheke Garden Festival

The weekend of 11-12 November is the Waiheke Garden Festival (previously Waiheke Garden Safari).   In addition to a fabulous range of gardens to explore, there are new features including workshops and garden talks.  All proceeds go to Jassy Dean Trust, an organisation that supports sick children and their families on Waiheke Island. To find out more click here.

Waiheke Walking Festival

A week later is the Waiheke Walking Festival, a free, nine day event from 18th November until 26th November 2017.  There are about fifty walks on offer, offering a wide variety so there is something for almost every age and fitness level. Each walk is led by a guide with in-depth local knowledge.  For more information or to book your places visit

A Book for Wine Lovers

Are you looking for a special gift for a wine lover?  Try "Waiheke Island – A World of Wine – The People Behind the Labels".  This wonderful book written by Clare Dunleavy (with portraits by Marti Friedlander) is a true collector’s item.  It can be bought online here


And finally, after a long winter for some, this weekend is the beginning of daylight saving and relaxing evenings sitting on the veranda. Contact us if you need any information on Waiheke Island holidays, we are here to help.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Tina and Iain