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The Two Best Things about Winter on Waiheke

Posted 15/6/2016

Onetangi Beach in JuneOnetangi Beach in JuneThe two best things about winter on Waiheke are...


an array of special offers and open, clear beaches.

It’s that time of year when there are many deals and special offers to entice visitors to our lovely isle.  features on a regular basis.  There are also money-saving opportunities for visitors with many Waiheke accommodation offers of three nights for the price of two.    Look around for dining opportunities at several restaurants or ask your host.   

One of the most interesting things about Waiheke is the diversity of people who live here.  A small selection of residents featured on the series “Neighbourhood” on TV1 a few weeks ago.   You can watch it on demand here.

Finally, a treat for music lovers out there (particularly of the Gen X variety).  For a ‘sit back and enjoy’ playlist check out the one and only DJ Co-diddly on Youtube.  Feel free to share. 


Happy holidays,

Tina and Iain.


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